The following paintings are available from the artist or one of his galleries.  Prices are available upon request, please enjoy

"The Story Teller"  30"x 40" oil on canvas. 

C.M. Russell in his studio

"Home Security" 16x20  oil on linen

"Cold Coffee"  18x24, oil on canvas, the life of a horse wrangler.  It looked like it wasn't going to rain! Still have a little work before this one is finished

"Hell Bent" 30"x40" Oil on Canvas



"Would be Chief" 11x14 oil on canvas

"Calling the Buffalo"  16x20 oil on canvas

   "Buckaroo" 18"x24" oil on linen

"The Charge" 16x20 oil on canvas

"Remuda Sundown"  16x20 oil on canvas

"Morning Watch"   24x34 oil on linen

"Along the Cheyenne"  18x24 oil on canvas

Tatanka" 24x34  oil on linen" Sold

"Ready Aim Fire"  1x24 oil on canvas

Small Title

"The Bear Skin Coat" Oil on canvas

bUBuffalo Pony   Sold

"Leaving No Trail" 16x0 oil on canvas

"Cowboy's Dilemma", lame horse and no spare. 24"x36" oil on linen canvas

"New Red Shoes" 20"x30" oil on canvas 

"Proud, Not Defiant" 16x20 oil on canvas


"Good Man, Hired Hand" 9"x12" oil on canvas