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             Les LeFevre

Cowboy and Indian Fine Art


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"you must do more than look at a paintng with your eyes, they are but the tools to see a painting,
but our imagination allows us to enjoy it"     Les LeFevre

"The Remuda" 9x12            $450

"Eric Thompson, Horse Trainer" at the Box Hanging Three Ranch 16x20     $1500

      "The Trail Boss" 16x20 
         Oil on canvas


"Siouxvivor" 8x10
  Oil on Canvas


Loser Buys _edited_edited_edited.jpg

"Loser Buys"           40 x30    oil on Canvas


"Warming Fire" 18x24
    Oil on Canvas                                          $1400


"Hell Bent" 30"x40" Oil on Canvas  



"Cowboy's Dilemma", lame horse and no spare. 24"x36" oil on linen canvas


"The Bear Skin Coat" Oil on canvas


"New Red Shoes" 20"x30" oil on canvas 


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