These paintings are in private or public collections

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"Coming off the Bench"  16x20 oil on linen  SOLD

""Keeping Watch"  24x36  oil on linen SOLD

"Secluded Valley" 24x36  oil on linen   SOLD

"Crossing the Cheyenne"  1x24 Oil on linen  SOLD
"The Flower Gatherer"  16x20 oil on linen  SOLD
"The Gunfighter" 18x4 oil on Linen  Sold
""The Buffalo Soldier" 16x20 oil on canvas    SOLD
"Favorite Doll" 9x12 oil on canvas  SOLD
"Moses"  9x12 oil on canvas  SOLD

This piece, "Deeds of Valor" is available at The C M Russell Auction in March of 2020. It is 73 inches by 26 inches, oil on canvas




"Desperado"  16x20 oil on canvas SOLD
"Chief David Bald Eagle"  9x12  oil on canvas   SOLD
"Follow the Leader"  16x20 oil on canvas   SOLD
"Prized Possession" 16x20 oil on canvas   SOLD 

"Paying  Respects" 24x36  oil on linen


"Wakan Tanka" 18x24 oil on canvas                        Sold

"Homeland" 24x30 oil     SOLD

"Heavy Metal" 18x24 oil  SOLD