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             Les LeFevre

Cowboy and Indian Fine Art




 In order to purchase art seen on this wesite

 please email or call

 (513) 706-8446



 Bunkhouse Studio

 47 Mustang Drive

 P.O.Box 732

 Dubois, Wyoming 82513





 Bobcat Studio at Jumet Farm

 6101 Fulsher Lane

 Madeira, Ohio 45243






"THE LEGACY" Artists beware! This painting was sold at reserve price after the bidding ended in a major auction in Great Falls  instead of returning it to the artist. This is in direct violation of their contract which  states  " any lot that is a no sale for any reason is returned to the artist". I was not asked or informed of the sale until weeks later. The C.M. Russell museum refuses to return the painting and do the moral, ethical and legal right thing. This painting is rightfully mine to be sold by me at a price I set as retail. The greed and disregard for the artist by millenials running this auction is the same as theft in my opinion.

IMG_1148 (1).JPG

"The Legacy" 73"x 24" oil on canvas

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